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Rodolphe Jerez

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index.h4_imformation :
    index.yml.prenom: Rodolphe
    index.yml.nom: Jerez
    index.yml.age: 31 ans
    index.yml.github: "" test

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Symfony 3,Php,twig,doctrin,SCSS,bootstrap,jQuery,Cropit

Showcase Site multilingual encoded with the Symfony Framework, responsive bootstrap, it disposeil has a listener to detect the language navigateurpour

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Symfony 3,Doctrin,Twig,SCSS,Composer,Grunt,Bootstrap,Hammer,jQuery,API Yandex Translate,Lib Metis Menu,Lib Light Slider,

Website multilingual to a car repair garage, the site has been realized with the Symfony framework.

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php,MVC,Autoloader,jQuery,Ajax,Curl,Cache,SCSS,API,Api PAYPAL,Api STARPASS,Api Twiter,Api Facebook,Lib basket,Lib Cropit,Lib jQuery Cookie,Lib Moment,

Website ranking servers Minecraft, done without a Framework, the site has a cache to optimize its performance, task-cron to update the votes and clean up the database. It queries servers Minecraft by a query Curl to retrieve the number of players and the information and status of the server. It also has an API and an update before the servers by payment by PayPal or starPass.

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website basic to server Minecraft

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